Newspaper Leaflet Inserts have Local and Regional Reach

Localpost newspaper inserts workLocal Post is pleased to be able to offer newspaper inserts as part of our growing direct marketing service.

Dynamic and current, this bespoke service delivers your marketing materials inside the heart of Ireland’s homes. The importance of being associated with some of Ireland’s best known local and regional newspapers adds to your brands lustre and is a smart, versatile and ambitious way to move your business forward into new areas, finding new customers and continuing to grow.

Not only are we able to present you with unbeatable offers there is also the wealth of knowledge we have from our sister company Newsgroup. Newsgroup delivers four titles in the Dublin area. You and your clients can benefit from our local knowledge as we deliver your marketing leaflets, flyers, menus and any other materials we help with.

Newsgroup have four free newspapers in their stable. Each with a unique circulation area. Getting your leaflets, flyers and special offers into family homes full of potential customers. Allowing them the opportunity to become part of the family’s bank of go to marketing materials, the Chinese Takeaway Menu, the Chipper Menu, the Pizza Delivery, every house has them, this is how to ensure your business occupies and keeps that coveted position.

Currently, Newsgroup publishes 4 separate newspapers.

Tallaght News

Serves Tallaght and Firhouse. This is Tallaght and Firhouse’s only free newspaper and thus presents you with a unique opportunity to reach 26,000 homes every two weeks. The population of these areas is 96,000 which means an abundance of possible sales, new clients, and customers.

Clondalkin News

Reach right into the homes of one of the fastest growing areas in Ireland. Have your direct marketing material delivered into 8,000 home every 2 weeks. This represents a target market of 45,000 people, all waiting for your special offer, your food delivery menu, price list or other brochure or leaflet.

Lucan News

Lucan’s only free door to door newspaper, and as such is a matchless opportunity to target a vibrant and growing area on the outskirts of Dublin. The current population of Lucan is 32,000, with our leaflet insertion service we can bring your offers straight into their homes and right in front of their eyes.

Rathcoole & Sagart News

This free newspaper is delivered fortnightly to over 4,000 homes in these areas as well as homes in City West. The population of these rapidly growing areas is 12,000. New opportunities for business abound. Untapped potential.


Leaflet Insertion is also available in a number of local and regional newspapers.

We have recently added a new service to our leaflet insertion. Previously we offered extremely attractive local options, we are delighted to announce that we now have nationwide leaflet insertion available. This means that your direct marketing material can arrive directly into people’s homes, often those that are hardest to reach.

This particular service means marketing materials that arrive in the door with a national newspaper are immediately given more weight, more importance, they are seen differently, and as such they should be of a commensurate quality. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression. This new service allows local brands to increase their profile, locally, regionally and nationally.

Local Post in association with our sister company Newsgroup offer two main types of Newspaper Leaflet insertion.

1 – Solo
Your leaflet is the alone in the Newspaper of your choice; local regional or national it is up to you? Naturally with the solo option your direct marketing material will be the main focus of your customer. The leaflet containing your special offer, menu, price list or other material will be brought into the home of the customer, where if you have done your research, design and targeting thoroughly, it will stay and occupy pride of place in those homes.

2 – Shared
At Local Post our experience has helped us develop a wealth of knowledge on what actually works. Trust us to choose compatible non-competitive other business materials. You will not be put in alongside any of your competitors nor will you inserted alongside a business that is in a directly opposite industry, industries that don’t mix.

6 Reasons your business should be using Newspapers in the Age of Digital Marketing

1 – They are real
Digital ads are fleeting, transient, and often extremely poorly targeted. Newspaper are physical and cultural reference points for most houses. When they arrive into the home they are kept, often brought to work and back, for a period of time whereby they are read or used depending on the occupants. Why is this better? Mostly because it adds a longevity to your own marketing materials, gives the customer increased opportunity to interact with the leaflet, brochure or special offer you have designed and targeted at them.

2 – Leaflets are easier
Controversial I know, finding, unlocking, searching, putting in your password and logging in is easier? Nope nothing beats having the information to hand, especially for families where the communal area, notice board or fridge magnets real estate etc becomes a repository of the families’ eating habits, to do lists and future plans. Get your materials there, design them to be attractive, reusable and perhaps with a secondary value. We recently printed a Chinese Takeway Menu that was also a map of the area, it encouraged customers to pin it to their wall, thus ensuring it would be referenced and kept.

3 – GDPR
You as a business are already aware of this. Trust us when we say the GDPR grift/protection/racket is only beginning. Newspaper inserts bypass all that. You don’t keep your customers information, they know you don’t have it. It is a return to a more reasonable less intrusive recent past, customers know it as well. Design your marketing material well, it will be kept. it will be used.

4 – Us!
Use our years of Newspaper know how coupled with our direct marketing material expertise to target the right people, areas and regions of Ireland. Get in touch with us and we will work with your on your strategy ensuring the products, special offers and new leaflets or brochures are brought into the right homes and put in to the right hand to maximise the ROI(return on investment)

5 – Stand out
Everybody is using social media the same way, the local launderette is running a facebook competition! More seriously, do you remember the last online ad you saw, remember any of them, nothing beats that feeling of a new booklet of coupons arriving, or when you get an actionable relevant special offer on that product you have been wanting to use.

6 – Cost!
Actual cost. We know it is cheap to run an ad on Google and get some clicks from someone or other on the internet. All well and good if you are selling clicks, but nothing is going to surpass your marketing material going into 60,000 homes guaranteed. What is the equivalent of that in clicks? Clicking is a passive, vague activity that we all now do in our most absent minded moments, rather than the engaged people we become when dealing in the real world with a piece of material we have just received and we are intent on keeping.


The tips are the same as always when running a marketing campaign:

>> Identify what you would like to achieve.

>> Identify who you would like to target.

>> Come in and speak with us and we will help you identify the correct marketing channels

>> Design marketing materials that use the first three as creative kernels, that encompass and further evolve your campaigns ambitions. Design something customers will want to keep, to use, to reference time and time again.

Get in touch, we have years of experience. Let us help.

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