Leaflet Folds & Sizes

Local Post Folds & SizesA guide to different leaflet, flyer and brochure sizes, and the folds on offer

Local Post offer a wide and varied choice of leaflet sizes and shapes, coupled with different folding styles, each suited to different businesses and direct marketing materials. In this guide we will look at the different direct marketing leaflets sizes as well as the folds available to you.

Whether you are looking for a flyer, business card, a map, a menu, a special offer, we have you covered.. As with everything direct marketing, your customers and your message should be the prism through which you decide how to pick the right size and fold to get your message across and to generate leads. A clear message well-articulated and communicated is the key component of any direct marketing campaign.

Lead generation is paramount, whether you are delivering Chinese Restaurant Delivery Menus, probably to customers who have seen them before, or whether you are marketing a brand new service or business. How are your leaflets going to be used, have your audience encountered your business before, what is the aim of the leaflet marketing campaign?

Business Card – as direct marketing material or for personal distribution.

One of the key items for any business and business person, important to capitalise on face to face opportunities, as well as a convenient way for you to provide your customers with your details in a card that they can keep without it overly cluttering the areas they use to store such things. Consider magnetising so that your card can go straight on the fridge. Laminate them so they last longer, remember to reverse engineer your cards so that they perfectly meet your customers’ needs.

A5 Leaflets  (148 x 210mm)

A5 size leaflets are the industry standard as they combine some versatility along with a strong value for money component. They are excellent size for letter box delivery as well as inserting in to customers’ orders for them to keep and use. We would often fold these in half to give the recognisable bi-fold shape often seen coming in your letter box. This size is very popular with small and medium sized business as they are an extremely cost effective way to communicate your special offer, product, event or location. Local Posts door to door leaflet drops as well as our direct marketing as inserts make this a very suitable size for both.

A4 Leaflets  (measuring 420 x 297mm)

These are the perfect size for menus, and guides. To help you make an announcement, a price list to entice your customers back or to encourage new business. The natural space means the information is presented to your potential customers unhurried and without clutter. As clients you can use this size as a reference guide to your products and services. Letter sized A4 leaflets can have a tri-fold as well, giving clear demarcation between the segments or sections of your offering. A4 unfold would be the largest size we would recommend here in Local Post. Always important to remember that with flyers, leaflets, brochures menus, their attractiveness stems in large part from their convenience. Their size plays a key part in your customers picking them up, keeping them, pinning them to the notice board or putting them on the fridge.

DL (110 x 220mm)

Dimension lengthwise is what DL means, in case you were wondering. DL is a ⅓ of an A4, and it is frequently used for promotional flyers, brochures and leaflets.  If you are considering a large drop then this is definitely one of the sizes you should consider. Their size and shape also mean they fit perfectly into DL envelopes(no surprise), more seriously that means they are perfect for direct marketing, also using a letter is a popular way to ensure your user pays attention to your offer or message, your communication. Think pocket sized perfection.

A4 folded to DL – Like the positives listed above but multiplied there is more to this than one would expect. Gyms are often fond of using this size as a special offer posing as a dummy letter, or a cheque. May sound like it is old hat but there is something eye catching about a cheque whether we care to admit it or not.

From A3 folded to DL

Popular with Chinese takeaways, pizza delivery places and all fast food delivery outlets,. Menu size A3 folded to a 4 panel. Panel width would be approx 105mm x 300mm height. The advantages of an A3 tri/bi folded are the sheer amount of print real estate you have to play with. Picture a large Chinese menu, perhaps having more than one style of Chinese Cooking and you get the idea. Six pages if necessary to market your business or service, sell your product

A4 folded to A5

Again we see an opportunity to convince your customers and garner new ones with plenty of printable area, or if you are looking to move up market, or make a statement then this size can be a relaxing way to impart your message.

A3 folded to A4

This size would not necessarily lend itself to letter boxes, but as an innovative very large alternative to the norm it can be very effective. Always remember, whatever size you end up choosing, you can go with the flow, give the customer the size they expect, this can be very beneficial depending on the industry you are in, and the product or service you are selling and offering. Alternatively something completely different could be just the ticket.

Bunsen the burger place has its whole menu on what is basically a business card. This is an effective marketing tool, see the regular shares and tags on social. Reverse it for an A3 folded to A4, change it up and play with your customers’ expectations to your advantage.

Paper Grades

130gsm gloss – 170gsm gloss – 300gsm gloss

& silk variations

We mainly specialise in three different paper grades here in Local Post. Again which one you choose relies on who you are targeting, what you are advertising and how you would like your customers to use your advertising.

Local Post Money Saving Tips:

Print on both side of the leaflet to maximise promotion. Sounds obvious right? Yet you would be surprised at how often this simple idea is ignored. You would be surprised on how cost effective printing on both sides of the leaflet can be.

  • Bulk printing saves you money. We are happy with any order size in Local Post, yes of course. But ordering 20,000 leaflets rather than 10,000 will mean great savings. You don’t have to use them all at once!

Folds versus Creases –  What?

Folded leaflets, normally in an accordion style have plenty of benefits. The leaflets can hold a large amount of information and imagery. Also you can use different folding styles depending on the product, service or special offer you are marketing. See some descriptions of different folds below.

Creased Leaflets are similar to folded leaflets. However creased leaflets are delivered flat, whereas folded are, well, folded. The primary benefit of going with creased rather than folded leaflets is that creased leaflets take up less space, hence they are ideal for larger direct marketing drops.


  • Half fold:  No mystery here, simply fold in half with two equal sections.
  • Z-Fold: We fold the paper into three segments of equal size, often used with DL size leaflets.
  • Roll Fold: A roll fold is almost identical to the Z Fold however the panels overlap for alternate functionality or design focus.
  • Cross Fold: We tend to use this fold with A6 size leaflets. We separate the paper into four equal sections. This results in 4 sections overall with two at the top and two at the bottom.
  • Double parallel fold: Dividing the leaflet into four panels all the same size alongside each other.
  • Gate Fold: Open Sesame! We fold your leaflet into three section the one large, two small. The two smaller go on either side and open up onto the larger panel.
  • Map Fold: Much like its namesake a map fold is folded like the map we used to use before SatNav. Eight panels four up top four down below. You can get whole countries onto them, so these are extremely useful if you are thinking about conveying huge amounts of info.