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Local Post Folds & Sizes

Leaflet Folds & Sizes

A guide to different leaflet, flyer and brochure sizes, and the folds on offer

Local Post offer a wide and varied choice of leaflet sizes and shapes, coupled with different folding styles, each suited to different businesses and direct marketing materials. In this guide we will look at the different direct marketing leaflets sizes as well as the folds available to you.

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Marketing Industry Concept

Business to Business Leaflet Distribution

Business to business distribution is targeted leaflet distribution that delivers to businesses and or organisations. Local Post leaflet distribution can provide instant access to markets and customers to instantly vitalise your campaigns, turning potential clients into regular loyal clients.

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leaflet distribution near me

Leaflet Mapping Tool

Leaflet distribution made easier through our interactive mapping tool, ensuring your leaflet delivery is carried out exactly where you would like, and where you would like is exactly where you think it is. It is important to ensure the number of possible residential mailboxes are in line with your expectations, this tool does this.  

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